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COVID-19 Support Service Options

In an effort to support our clients and community during this time we are offering COVID-19 Support Service Options.

Email Michelle to sign up for our service options or questions on services offered.

COVID-19 Service Optios

Service include support on the latest guidance on the following COVID-19 evolving issues for employers:

  • Legislative and Regulatory updates as they occur

  • COVID-19 Employer Guidance Updates

  • Updated Wage & Hour Guidance

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act

  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act

  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits for people affected by COVID-19

  • Recommended Policy Adjustments

  • Layoff Issues

  • Teleworking

  • Paid/Unpaid Leave Strategies


For a one time fee of $250 per participating entity paid to Westaff, Westaff will grant access to an online resource center that includes general information on the issues questions asked by employers. The resources include but are not limited to:

  • Employer Posters from government agencies

  • Notices to employees that may be customized by the user on topics like unemployment insurance, emergency leave and more

  • Links to online resources such as text of new laws and regulations related to COVID-19

  • A subscription to our COVID-19 forum with as it happens updated

  • Guidance on issues related to payroll, emergency leave, layoffs, etc created by us or government agencies


One time additional $200 fee paid to Westaff.  In addition to the resource center access, Level Two members will be allowed to participate in online Q&A and update sessions held at least twice a week for a month or until participation drops below five organizations per call. 


Subscribers to Level One and Two services who desire short-term assistance with in-house policy issues, applying the general rules to their specific place of employment.

  • A short term retainer is priced as follows and is paid by the requesting organizations:

# of Employees

Monthly Cost

= Hourly Cost of Employee Earnings

Upto 10 FTE


$1.44 per hr

>10; up to 50FTE


$2.88 per hr

More than 50 FTE

Call for price


A three month minimum term is required.

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