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Employer Information

We Work with You and Recruit for You

Westaff gives you flexibility in your hiring process. All of our applicants have been screened, interviewed, and tested. You can opt to have us send you resumes and you can choose someone, you can conduct your own interviews of the applicants we send you, or we can simply send you a qualified employee. The choice is yours and further, if we can't find the person you want, you don't owe us a thing!

Recruiting & Screening

How do you recruit and retain great talent in a competitive marketplace? At Westaff, we attract high-performance candidates by understanding not only their skills and strengths, but also their lifestyles, motivations and goals.  Understanding people from the inside out enables us to find jobs that work for them.  For you, that means workers who are focused and more productive.

We Give You Choices

Finding you the perfect person means using the best recruiting techniques available. Our cutting-edge recruiting techniques allow us to target job seekers in the way they search for jobs.

But every staffing service promises they have the best employees... So how is Westaff different?


Using our proven screening technologies and Working Interview program you can rest assured that we will find quality people with the complete package of skills, behavior, and integrity that's right for you.

We select the right people for you by using our unique verification process.


  1. Employment history and professional references are checked/verified

  2. Skills are tested and matched to your specific need

  3. Employment eligibility and education records are verified through our comprehensive background checks

  4. Personal integrity is confirmed during on-site interview and reference checks

  5. Physical limits and reasonable accommodations are investigated and recorded to ensure essential functions can be performed


Every candidate must pass our five-step application and screening process to ensure that essential job functions are matched with Associates' abilities in order to be considered. If a candidate does not meet our stringent standards, they are promptly dismissed from the hiring process.


Once candidates have passed our prescreening and interview process, we send you great candidates to choose from that will fit your position perfectly.


"Westaff has helped me fill a couple of vacant positions. I did not have to take the time to post an opening, review applications, or even interview individuals. I was able to review possible candidates resumes and chose the individuals that I thought might be a good fit with my organization. I was then able to see how the candidates performed and fit in with my organization and offer a full time position or not. It allowed me to offer the position to someone that I knew would be successful as they had already demonstrated their skills and work ethic during their placement through Westaff."

—  Dr. Hillary Q. Carter, Owner, Comprehensive Hearing Services

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