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There are five fundamental values up one which Westaff operates: Honesty, Integrity, Community, Family First, and Passion.

At Westaff, values are not some set of abstract ideas that are nice to ponder but rarely demonstrated in action. On the contrary, they are woven through our relationships and business decisions and truly exist as the fabric of all we do. We believe that as a company whose very product is "productive people," having a culture that supports and fosters sound relationships is a true difference maker.


These values help us balance our lives and bring a sense of community to our organization. A well-balanced work and family environment is critical to our company's success.

When asked to rate Westaff "overall as a place to work," 98% of all employees said they were satisfied or very satisfied and would recommend us to family and friends as a place to work.

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"I couldn't have landed this opportunity without Westaff's unwavering assistance. Between the advice, interview prep and arranging of all my accounts/paperwork, I can easily say that Westaff was a massive part of attaining my full-time employment. I sing praises from every mountain top I come across and will continue to do so into the future. I owe Westaff more than mere words could ever express."

—  A.D.


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