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The Leadership Hour

Monthly Managerial Training Series

Welcome to our monthly training series designed specifically for supervisors and managers like you! Starting February, we're excited to bring you actionable insights and real-world advice to enhance your operational skills and leadership capabilities. 

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month from 12:00 - 1:00 over Zoom for dynamic sessions filled with practical tips and strategies. Whether you're seeking to refine your management techniques or tackle challenges head-on, our trainings are tailored to meet your needs.

Can't make it to a session? No problem!  All classes will be recorded, allowing you to catch up at your convenience. Plus, you'll receive comprehensive slide decks with each training to reinforce your learning and reference key information whenever you need it.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to elevate your managerial prowess. Sign up today and take your leadership skills to the next level!

Who Will Benefit?

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Leaders

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Shift Leaders or Team Leaders



$59 per class or $575 for the year

What Topics Will Be Covered?

+ February 21

Harassment and Discrimination

Legal considerations on Harassment, Discrimination and the EEOC and what managers can do to limit liability.

Learn what being an “Agent of the Company” means (You are one if you are a manager or supervisor).


+ March 6

Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding

Dos and don’ts of hiring and posting jobs.

Conducting legal interviews and reference checks.

Communicating with applicants/candidates and newly hired employees.


+ April 3

Addressing Performance, Conduct and Attendance Issues

Walk through employee scenarios together with a professional communication coach.

Supervisor wage & hour considerations.


+ May 1

EEOC considerations: Employees with medical conditions

Supervisor’s role and responsibilities under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


+ June 5

The Difficulties of a Bad Attitude

Learn about the Four Most Common “Difficult Behaviors” in the workplace and how to address each.

Hack into your own behaviors to put the responsibility back on the employee, instead of taking the issue on yourself.

Receive a step-by-step guide on how to tackle these behaviors.


+ July 3

Performance reviews that actually change performance

Get a review template to take back to your organization and use with your team!

What is a “stay” interview and how can they replace “exit” interviews.

+ August 7

Delivering Difficult Performance Reviews

Staying on track with a “Difficult Person”

Learn about the 5 types of “Difficult People” and how to handle each

Defusing tense situations


+ September 4

Coaching, Discipline and Termination Part 1

Do’s and Don’ts when Coaching

Methods for tracking performance

How our own human tendencies lead to common coaching mistakes


+ October 2

Coaching, Discipline and Termination Part 2

Three coaching styles and when each is most effective

Secrets to effective delegation

Montana requires “Good Cause”, what does that mean and how is it accomplished


+ November 6

Effective and Toxic Communication

Types of effective and toxic communication patterns

Conflict resolution in Interpersonal Interactions

Mindfulness and company culture


+ December 4

Transition from Peer to Supervisor

How to communicate more effectively as a supervisor and develop your own personal management style

When to be flexible and when to stand firm

How to set boundaries, deal with uncomfortable situations, and motivate others to achieve results

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